Crawl Space Moisture, Condensation and Humidity Problems

Why high crawl space moisture costs you money

Crawl space moisture, bugs and Mold

High moisture in a crawl space is the dominating factor when it comes to odor, structure rot, wood boring insects and Mold problems. Large companies have been formed to treat these very specific issues because of the demand to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, these companies have only been treating the symptoms and not the real problem. This stems from the homeowner asking for a specific fix or treatment.

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Crawl Space Mold, Mildew and Fungus

Selling you your fear

The first thing that needs to be discussed, are some facts about Mold. “Black Mold” is a scary description, and of course you care about your health and your families health so you take it seriously. Salesmen (and saleswomen for that matter) take advantage of this innate concern in order to get you to write a check or sign a contract. Mold can not be identified by the naked eye, it must be examined under a microscope. This however, does not change our concern a

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