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Buy Organic Mold Killer

Buy Organic Mold Killer

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Crawl Space Moisture, Condensation and Humidity Problems

Why high crawl space moisture costs you money Crawl space moisture, bugs and Mold High moisture in a crawl space is the dominating factor when it comes to odor, structure rot, wood boring insects and Mold problems. Large companies have been formed to treat these very specific issues because of the demand to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, these companies have only been treating the symptoms and not the real problem. This stems from the homeowner asking for a specific fix or treatment. For example, if a home has a Mold problem then a Mold company would be called out to treat the Mold. If the home has a termite problem then a pest control company would be called out. Each time your home is treated for these two issues your home is sprayed with chemicals designed to kill something. Because your crawl space is some place you don’t want to be, does not mean your not exposed to the air from it. If you already have the condition then you really have no choice, but if you fix the problem (the moisture) then you will not be saddled with the cost to fix the Mold or the termite issue. Even better than […]

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Crawl Space Mold, Mildew and Fungus

Selling you your fear The first thing that needs to be discussed, are some facts about Mold. “Black Mold” is a scary description, and of course you care about your health and your families health so you take it seriously. Salesmen (and saleswomen for that matter) take advantage of this innate concern in order to get you to write a check or sign a contract. Mold can not be identified by the naked eye, it must be examined under a microscope. This however, does not change our concern about Mold. IF you find that a salesmen is pushing the Mold issue it is more likely a “closing” technique rather than any kind of expertise. This, of course, is a fine line. What if you do have a Mold problem? The answer to this dilemma is to do your own research and educate yourself. The last thing a salesmen is going to expect is that you know more about something than he does. There is a lot of good information on the internet (at reputable sources) about Mold and the health affects. Mold can be a serious problem, so do yourself a favor and learn about it so that you can protect yourself from the “sales […]

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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Vapor Barrier Supplies

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What is crawl space encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation is a generic term used to describe a crawl space that is protected from moisture by using a crawl space vapor barrier on the floor and walls. There are different ways to accomplish this, as well as different results, depending on the "system" you purchase. If you hire a company or franchise to finish your crawl space make sure you get the most for your money. Crawl space encapsulation alone will help reduce moisture and improve the environment of the crawl space, but there are other components to consider like; the quality of the crawl space vapor barrier, how to close the foundation vents permanently, crawl space insulation, sealing the crawl space vapor barrier to the foundation wall, conditioning the crawl space, crawl space moisture control and lowering the homes energy costs.

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