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How to Install A Crawl Space Drain System

Crawl Space Drain Systems

    1. Dig the trench 5-6″ deep or deep enough to keep the drain pipe level and below the crawl space soil line
  1. Do not put dirt on top of the drain tile, leave it open or covered with pea stone
  2. Do not dig the trench at a slope to the basin, this will cause erosion and your pipe will be to deep for the basin
  3. You should bury the entire drain pipe in pea stone if:
    1. it does not have a “sock” on the pipe.
    2. the soil is mostly clay.
  4. If the drain pipe does have a sock (which it should for this application) then stone is not necessary on all of the pipe. This is because the sock does part of  stones job by filtering soil.

*This advice does not apply to every job, everywhere. Please check with your local building codes and local experts for final design.

Install Crawl Space Drain System

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