Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
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  • 20 Mil Vapor Barrier & Dehumidifier Bundle - PDB-723
  • Foundation Pins™
  • Foundation Pins™
  • Crawl Space Foundation Pins™ - FP-100
  • Foundation Seal Tape™
  • Foundation Seal Tape™
  • Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™  - WST-PRO
  • Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™  - WST-PRO
  • White Crawl Space Liner Tape
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifier Condensation pump
  • Santa Fe Hang Kit

Each bundle comes with one roll of 1000 sq ft 20 Mil GuardianLiner™ and Santa Fe Compact70.

This product is subject to a UPS large package handling fee of $9.28 for the first roll of each vapor barrier kind/size.

Retail: $1,594.00
Price: $1,299.00
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    Item # Product Name Description/Size Availability Price Quantity
    FP-100 Crawl Space Foundation Pins™
    Plastic fasteners to hold the vapor barrier permanently to the foundation wall
    In Stock $19.99 $18.99
    FST-100 Foundation Seal Tape™
    Super tacky moisture gasket for sealing the vapor barrier to the foundation wall. Does not stick to damp foundations and requires FP-100 to work properly.
    In Stock $24.99
    WST-PRO Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™
    Made with our proprietary adhesive, this seam tape is waterproof and matches our barriers exactly. The Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™ is the tougher, stronger, and more durable choice for your crawl space encapsulation.
    In Stock $31.99
    CON-PUM Condensation Pump
    Liberty condensation pump is idea for all Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
    In Stock $77.00 $75.00
    4036695 Santa Fe Hang Kit, Compact70/ Advance90/ Advance120
    Santa Fe Hang Kit for Compact70, Advance90 and Advance120 crawl space dehumidfiers
    In Stock $70.00

    Project Starter Bundle

    Get started with a discount on two popular products when you purchase them together.

    This crawl space repair bundle is designed to get your project off the ground with savings and value. All products are Made in America

    The base product is the 20 Mil GaurdianLiner™ with antimicrobial for additional mold and mildew resistance a popular crawl space dehumidifier:

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    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

    Time will tell

    • Easy to install
    Delivery was next day as stated, packaged to protect product during shipping. I purchased the 12&20 mil silverback liner and also the 20 mil guardian liner. All seem to be of high quality. Only time will show how great the quality is but I have no doubts it will last.

    I had several quotes to have my 3400 sqft crawl space encapsulated in the $10000-$11000 range. I purchased 20 mil for the floors, 12 mil for the walls and installed the Santa Fe dehumidifier and spent just over $3400.

    It’s mindless work! Save yourself a ton of money and do it yourself.

    Wow, better and EASIER than I thought

    I should have done this 2 years ago. I have been putting this off because, let's face it, a crawlspace is not a fun place to work. I finally decided to get an estimate from a local company that provides this service. When that came in at $8500, I was re-invigorated to get this done myself. was recommended by a general contractor friend of mine, so I watched the videos and ordered supplies. I really liked the dehumidifier combo because it save me a couple of hundred dollars on items I was going to purchase anyway.
    The vinyl is really thick and strong. I was surprised at how tough this is. I did clean out the major debris, but not every little rock and such from the ground before laying the vinyl. I have no fear of it puncturing. The product is stiff and a little tough in the corners, but I would prefer that to something that might tear. Once joined by the seam tape, it really provides a nice sealed area.
    This project took me and my wife 4 Saturdays to complete start to finish, working about 6 hours each day. I did add an extra 2 hours one weeknight and my son gave us about 2 hours another week night. We are probably slower than some since we are not experts, but nothing about this was technically difficult to plan or understand. There are a couple of areas of our project that are low and tight and damp, but we just slowly plodded along and are happy with our results.
    The last step was installing the dehumidifier which was very easy. We choose the Compact Air Plus because of the warranty and the included hanging kit. The hanging kit is great - very easy to use and level. I am very happy with our placement. When I finished installation and turned the unit on, our hygrometer was reading 50% humidity. (Since this was performed in January, the humidity was low anyway. It is much worse in the humid Virginia summer) I set the unit to 45%. By 9 pm, it was reading 48%. By 9 am the next day, it was reading 44%. It has continued to come down about 1% per day and is now reading 41%. I think I will adjust the controls on the unit back up a bit since there is a discrepancy on what the unit is set at and what the hygrometer is reading. Not sure which one to believe, but it I am guessing the hygrometer is more sensitive than the knob on the unit. I will play with this over time.
    In summary, this was WAY easier than I was dreading and by doing ourselves, we saved about $6,000 from the local company's estimate. The quality of the products appears excellent and my crawlspace is now so clean and dry, I feel like I could sleep down there - see pictures. I would highly recommend that people not put this off. We got away with no structural damage from mold, although it was starting. I have had too many friends this year with real problems from moisture and now I have peace of mind that my house is properly protected.

    I believe I have placed 5 orders, the products and service have been great each time. The company staff very good to work with

    crossville, tn.

    retired homeowner

    The support from crawlspace personnel was exemplary and the products were given a 5-Star rating by my contractor/installer. Thanks again to all at crawlspace who touched this order.

    Baltimore MD - Pinehurst NC

    Guardian Liner

    MoldStoppers is a professional mold remediation company. We always subcontracted our encapsulated crawlspaces out. However the quality seemed to vary by crew & company. This when I located Crawl Space Repair Direct. After watching the videos, and contacting them for advise, our crew has installed several encapsulations - Successfully. The primary product on thee projects is the liner. The 20mil Guardian liner is by far the highest quality we have ever seen. The product is by far the heaviest duty product we have ever seen. Please recall we have been involved with encapsulations for 8 years. To make this statement speaks volumes. Additionally the pricing was extremely competitive. Also the product shipped, and was delivered on time. Nothing but good things to say about both the product and the company behind it.