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The AprilAire 1850, 95 pint, dehumidifier comes in two models: Freestanding and W/Ducting, select below. this dehumidifier has digital controls.

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    1850 95 pint AprilAire Dehumidifier

    This crawl space dehumidifier has the following features:

    1. 5 year warranty
    2. Automatic on and off sensors to control and maintain a constant humidity level
    3. Merv 8 Filtration
    4. Life expectancy is 15+ years with proper maintainance
    5. Operate at 55dB when ducted
    6. Weight- 75 lbs
    7. All Aprilaire dehumidifiers are 110–120 VAC. The current draw of the 1850 is 8 amps.

    No pans or buckets to drain! This dehumidifier has a drain hose that can be routed to sump pump or waste line. Digital controls and can operate from an optional remote panel.

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    AprilAire Dehumidifier