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Santa Fe Impact105 / Impact XT Dehumidifier Santa Fe Impact105 Dehumidifier, crawl space dehumidifier
Price: $2,030.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SF-IMP -

From the Santa Fe website- The Santa Fe Impact105 is specifically designed to dramatically impact the moisture in your crawlspace/basement, your energy bills and the environment. It is the most energy efficient dehumidifier on the market - exceeding Energy Star® standards by 50 percent. The Santa Fe Impact removes up to 105 pints of water a day while using an unprecedented 4.9 amps (8.8 pints per Kilowatt hour). It effectively dehumidifies up to 2,500 square feet and is the ideal...

Santa Fe Impact155 / Max Dry Large Dehumidifier, Santa Fe Dehumidifier
Price: $2,163.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SF-MAX -

From the Santa Fe Website- Designed for large basements & crawlspaces Dual outlet dehumidification High capacity, energy efficient dehumidification Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the air in your home comes from your basement or crawlspace. This air is often higher in moisture content, and carries with it various allergens and musty odors. When conditions linger above 60% relative humidity for extended periods of time, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth is stimulated. The American...

Foundation Pins™
Price: $19.99
Availability: In Stock
CrawlSpace Repair Item #: FP-100 -

    The Foundation Pins™ are used to permanently secure the vapor barrier™ to the foundation wall. These pins are inserted into a 1/4" hole drilled by a hammer drill. They are to be installed every two foot, two in each corner and anywhere is cut around obstructions. These pins come in packs of 100 pieces or 1000 pieces and are required for a lasting bond to the foundation wall. The heads of our pins will not break off nor will the pin come out of the hole as with other pins on the market....

    Crawl Space Sump Pump
    Price: $169.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: LBT-237 -

      Liberty Pumps is a family owned company that manufactures their pumps in the U.S.A. This crawl space sump pump, can pump up to 45 gallons of water per minute. The Liberty model 237 features: Stainless Steel Shaft 1/3 HP electric motor All fasteners – non-corrosive stainless steel Permanently lubricated upper and lower bearings. 10' Cord, 25' cord upon request Removable base allows suction down to 1/8" Can handle up to 3/8" solids Find this crawl space sump pump in all of our InstaDry™ Sump...

      Crawl Space Sump Pump by Wayne sump pump, crawl space sump pump, Wayne sump pump
      Price: $159.99
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: WSP-1/3HP -

        The Wayne coated steel sump pump has corrosion resistant coated steel housing and coast iron volute, with stainless steel fasteners for long life in tough sump applications. This pump is easy to install, start to finish in about 15 minutes.  Find this crawl space sump pump in all of our InstaDry™ Sump Kits

        Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Protection
        Retail: $125.00
        Price: $100.00
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: FLT-550 -

          Felt550™ Has Two Significant Uses In A Crawl Space Puncture StrengthThe Felt550™ is made from virgin Polypropylene and woven into an lightweight and extremely punture resistant material. There is no organic material used when making this product so it will naturally resist mold and mildew growth. In fact, the Felt550™ was designed and engineered to be in contact with water and the earth 100% of the time. Putting all of these features together makes it perfect to use under a crawl space liner...

          Foundation Seal Tape™
          Price: $25.99
          Availability: In Stock
          CrawlSpace Repair Item #: FST-100 -

            Foundation Seal Tape™ (FST) is used to seal the vapor barrier to the foundation wall. When installed to a completely dry & clean foundation wall, the bond is good enough to hold the vapor barrier to the wall temporarily (several hours/days) until the Foundation Pins are installed. If the foundation wall is wet in the area it will be installed and it will not bond then a polyurethane caulk must be used. This tape is 1.5" x 108' and has a reinforcement inside the tape to eliminate stretching...

            Insulation Pins foundation pins, barrier pins, insulation pins, insulation
            Price: $132.00
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: PLS-GRP -

              These plastic insulation pins are used to mechanically fasten rigid foam board to the foundation wall. This is to be used prior to installing your crawl space vapor barrier, and is not intended to be used on the vapor barrier itself. Requires a 5/16 drill bit for installation. 

              DiamondBack 12 Mil Vapor Barrier Seamless
              Retail: $63.75
              Price: $56.10
              Availability: In Stock
              CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 12MDB -

                12 Mil DiamondBack This American Made crawl space liner is the basic string reinforced vapor barrier that can be compared to most other brands on the open market for the same stated thickness, 12 Mil. Actual 12 mil is equal to .012", not 12mm. This product is a nominal 12 mil, meaning does not measure 12 mil at the plastic but rather at the thread...just like all of its competitor products like duraskrim. This crawl space liner does not contain any additives and is reinforced with a 1000...

                12 mil crawl Space Liner
                Retail: $95.76
                Price: $72.14
                Availability: In Stock
                CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 12MGL -

                  12 Mil GuardianLiner™ Extremely durable, high quality crawl space vapor barrier/liner. This crawl space liner has been a favorite of the professional community since it's introduction. There are three major components that make this liner an excellent choice for the crawl space environment. First, the white top layer and the tan bottom layer are made from 100% virgin polyethylene resin. This is very important because these layers will last indefinitely. Product performance & longevity are key...

                  20 Mil Crawl Space Moisture Barrier
                  Retail: $495.00
                  Price: $383.81
                  Availability: In Stock
                  CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 20MGL- -

                    Compare the 20 Mil GuardianLiner™ to CleanSpace™- Same amount of plastic and same thickness... Looking for an affordable crawl space liner in the 20 mil class? The GuardianLiner™ is a vapor barrier designed to match up in appearance and performance with the Cleanspace brand head to head. Although lengths and widths are different the barrier's formula is comparable. Both product's outer layers are made from 100% virgin polyethylene resin and reinforced with a 1000 denier polyester cord. They...

                    12 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, SilverBack Crawl space vapor barrier, crawl space liner, crawl space encapsulation, vapor barrier for crawl space
                    Retail: $222.00
                    Price: $189.00
                    Availability: In Stock
                    CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 12MSB -

                      12 Mil Reinforced Vapor Barrier for Crawl Space Encapsulation The 12 mil SilverBack™ crawl space vapor barrier is the best product to encapsulate a crawl space. Used by professionals to achieve results that back up their reputation. This product is made in the USA and from premium grade ingredients. We do not cut corners on our products. The SilverBack™ crawl space vapor barrier naturally resists mold and mildew, does not offgas any odors and will not delaminate. The Top- The face is pure...