Monitor your crawl space temmperature and humidity with the most accurate wireless hygrometer on the market.

Comes with one base unit and one remote....Batteries included!

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    This wireless monitor the air temperature and relative humidity in your crawl space from the comfort of your living space.

    This monitor come complete with a base unit that tells the temperature and humidity of the living space it is placed in as well as display the temperature and humidity from the remote. Ideally you will place the remote in the crawl space and then monitor the conditions from the base unit. This unit is far more accurate than any other brands we offer or have offered in the past.

    One base can read up to 3 remote units and the channel switch is located on the back for easy selection.

    This product includes one base unit, one remote unit and 4 AAA batteries to power both units.

    Extra remote units can be purchased in the drop down menu.

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