Compare DuraSkrim to GuardianLiner™ as a crawl space vapor barrier...

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the Duraskrim brand as a crawl space vapor barrier. Many companies that just opened shop on the internet crawl space scene are offering the Duraskrim brand as a vapor barrier. Problem is they don't understand the product they are selling and if they do, then that is a problem all by itself. Take a look...

Duraskrim vs GuardianLiner

Facts about GuardianLiner-
  1. Made in the USA
  2. Quality Product
  3. Width available 13'4" and 6'7.5"
  4. Manufactured solely for the crawl space encapsulation industry
  5. Free of any holes on any layer
  6. Antimicrobial added to the bottom layer
  7. According to the manufacture of GuardianLiner™, common uses for this product are-
  • Vapor Barrier for-
  1. Crawl Space Encapsulation
  2. Closed Crawl Space
  3. Conditioned Crawl Space
  4. Sealed Crawl Space
  5. Radon Gas Mitigation
  6. Crawl Space Soil Gas Mitigation
  7. Crawl Space Moisture Control

Facts about Duraskrim-
  1. Made in the USA
  2. Quality Product
  3. Width available in 12' and 6'
  4. Mass produced for the oil and landfill industries
  5. Has holes punched completely through one of the outer layers
  6. According to the manufacture of Duraskrim, common uses for this product are-
  • Oil field pit liners
  • Remediation liners and covers
  • Pond Liners
  • Erosion Control Covers
  • Landfill covers
  • Outdoor covers
  • Stock Pile Covers
  • Hay/Silage Covers
  • Under slab vapor retarder


Below you can see the back side the the GuardianLiner™ and the Duraskrim products. Notice the holes in the Duraskrim, they are there to help release trapped moisture when used in an outdoor environment. In a crawl space these holes hurt the actual perm rating and can allow moisture to enter the layers causing issues with the string getting wet and possibly separating the layers.

The product sheets below show that the GuardianLiner has 10 MSF more than Duraskrim, yet both are 12 mil. M stands for the Roman numeral for 1000 and SF stands for square feet. So, the GuardianLiner has 10 more pounds of plastic per 1000 sq ft than the Duraskrim product. This makes Duraskrim less expensive to make and purchase than the thicker GuardianLiner.

GuardianLiner™ is not a cheaper product, it is a better product and it is a thicker product. GuardianLiner™ has more plastic, 18% more , than Duraskrim. Duraskrim is a great product and it does what it was engineered to do, work in oil fields.

The spec sheets below show the actual weight of plastic in the product. It is shown in both Imperial (US) MSF and Metric g/m2 values. The rest of the numbers are "typical property values" for a product in that thickness category.