Our Charity

Phu Quoc Ridge is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the well being of dogs rescued from the capture and torture inflicted on them thru the dog meat trade in Vietnam.

We are based in Greenwood, South Carolina and operate from a 325 acre wilderness sanctuary. Our goals are to find homes for these dogs that are ready to trust humans again. For the ones that have been too traumatized to live a healthy life with a family, we keep and care for them for the rest of their lives.

As part of the dogs recovery there needs to be peace and meaningful human contact. This can be difficult if there is chaos in the shelter. We aim to get our dogs out of Vietnam as soon as reasonably possible and start the healing and recovery process. Since all of our dogs are coming from Vietnam there are significant expenses involved in getting them to our rehabilitation center in South Carolina. We utilize corporate sponsors to pay for things like fundraising and advertising, but count on private donations to support the direct needs of each dog.