20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • 20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • 20 Mil & 12 Mil SilverBack HS (High Strength) Vapor Barrier - 20MSB-HS46

The 12 & 20 Mil SilverBack HS has 100% of the surface protected by reinforcement made from strengthened polyethylene. The puncture and tear strength greatly outmatch even our current 12 & 20 Mil SilverBack SR (String Reinforced) vapor barrier product line. This vapor barrier is completely SEAMLESS. There are no welds or panels. The SilverBack HS™ is a smooth one piece product.

This product is subject to a UPS large package handling fee of $9.28 for the first roll of each vapor barrier kind/size.

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    NEW Product Technology

    The SilverBack HS's technology comes from 60 years of outdoor environmental strength testing and is a premium engineered vapor barrier. With 100% of the surface protected by reinforcement made from strengthened polyethylene ribbons. The puncture and tear strength greatly outmatch even our SilverBack string reinforced vapor barrier product line. The minimum thickness across the even surface is 20 Mil, but installs like a 12 mil, making it much easier to lay in a crawl space environment. As with the 20 Mil HS, the 12 Mil measures actual 12 Mil across the surface and looks great as wall or floor liner.

    This crawl space vapor barrier is made from 100% virgin polyethylene and reinforced with virgin polyethylene ribbons. The ribbons are stretched to strengthen them before they are woven in a cross hatch pattern.

    This product technology is entering the market at a time when rising polyethylene resin and manufacturing costs are making string reinforcement options too expensive for many homeowners and professionals alike. The New SilverBack HS resets the clock on the manufacturing costs of engineered vapor barriers while dramatically improving the performance and features required for a crawl space vapor barrier.

    Look at the strength test comparison of the NEW 20 Mil SilverBack HS and the 20 Mil SilverBack SR under the "Specification" tab.

    SOURCE 20 mil SilverBack 20 Mil SilverBack High Strength
    SUPPLIED BY CrawlSpaceRepair.com QA and R&D
    DATE October 31, 2017 November 1, 2017
    Ref ID 17-168 17-171
    Pick Count (per inch) 16 x 16
    Weight oz/yd2 15.52 11.03
    Weight gsm 526 374
    Breaking Strength warp lb/in 34.4 177.0
    Breaking Strength fill lb/in 52.1 309.0
    Breaking Strength warp lbf (D7003)* 73.0
    Breaking Strength fill lbf (D7003)* 70.6
    Grab Strength warp lb (D7004)* 140.1
    Grab Strength fill lb (D7004)* 129.5
    Grab Strength warp lb 131.3 287.0
    Grab Strength fill lb 168.2 437.0
    Trapezoidal warp lb 90.4 84.0
    Trapezoidal fill lb 95.5 141.0
    Tongue Tear warp lb 40.4 70.0
    Tongue Tear fill lb 30.9 95.0
    Mullen psi 162 600
    Thickness mil 23.4 26.2
    Hydrostatic Resistance psi 164 597
    Puncture Resistance lbf 62.3 151
    Adhesive Peel Strength lbf 3.27 1.53
    COMMENTS: Silver/White string- Silver/White
    * Testing conducted on the bias
    There was no difference in hydrostatic resistance between the silver coating and white coating
    Samples for breaking strenghth and tongue tear testing did not break even when they were streched to maximum frame height in Instron
    Results equal to or greater than the comparative value
    Results 5% lower than the comparative value
    Results 10% lower than the comparative value