Concrete Encapsulation

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Concrete EncapsulationSimilar to a concrete crawl space, this type incorporates no foundation vents and uses foundation insulation to control energy loss.

This type of crawl space takes advantage of both the “closed” and the “concrete” crawl space strengths.

In this design sealing the walls with an insulation to control energy costs also protects the crawl space from moisture penetration from the foundation walls. You can learn about encapsulating a crawl space here.

Share the air

The most common source for ventilation in this design is to add a conditioned air supply to the crawl space. This ensures the crawl space is at its peak of energy efficiency.

The Insulation

The two types of insulation used in this design are rigid foam and closed cell spray foam. Both types of insulation offer a level of moisture protection from the foundation wall.

Balance the budget

Although this design offers many comforts it also is very costly. As time goes by the cost of spray foam insulation will undoubtedly come down, but for now it is on the high end of the options. Added to that is the cost of a good quality crawl space vapor barrier under the concrete and of course the concrete itself. This method calls out to do the math and determine if you will get back your investment. Individual situations will determine what’s right for your home and family.

A conditioned crawl space

This design is considered a conditioned crawl space. This is ONE OF the energy efficient and comfortable crawl space designs.

The Cons-

  1. Cost
  2. Not a DIY project

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