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6 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier and Liners

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6 Mil RS Rough Soil™
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Item #: 6MNR-RS -

    Available in 12' x 85' rolls 6 Mil and Felt 5100™ are attached using molten polyethylene 6 Mil Non-Reinforced -   100% Virgin PolyethyleneBright White Single Layer Felt 5100™ -  Protects vapor barrier punctures from sharp objects in the dirt, like gravel and edges of concrete foundationPrevents the vapor barrier from sucking to the mudAllows an air gap between the vapor barrier and the earth to mitigate soil gasses if neededWill wick puddles of water and disperse across the...

    Pure Premium™ Family of Poly crawl space liner, crawl space vapor barrier, crawl space plastic, white crawl space liner, crawl space material
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    Price: $101.43
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      This white crawl space liner is an ACTUAL thickness mil without reinforcement. If you are looking for a no frills mil that is low cost and is not reinforced or engineered then this is the crawl space liner for you. Most non-reinforced plastic in this industry are made with 90% recycled plastic. However, this crawl space plastic is made with 100% virgin resin. The amount of recycle plastic will determine how long the plastic will last and it's durability.