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Sock for InstaDry Sump Kit™
Price: $1.50
Availability: In Stock
CrawlSpace Repair Item #: ISK-SOK -

    Use with InstaDry Sump Kit™ to prevent smaller drainage rock from entering the basin. For use with sandy soils and pea stone.

    Standard Check Valve check valve, sump pump, sump kit, American made
    Price: $9.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: STD-CHK -

      This universal check valve will allow sand, water, mud, and some small solids to flow in just one direction. Unlike many of our competitors, this valve has stainless steel clamps and fasteners, strong and durable ABS body, and the most durable flapper in the industry today. Every piece of this is made right here in the USA!

      InstaDry™ Sump Kit w/2 Piece Snap Together Basin crawl space sump pump, sump pump for crawl space
      Price: $289.99
      Availability: In Stock
      CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 15G-ISK -

        The InstaDry™ Sump Kit has everything you need to help control the excess water in your crawl space. From a newly designed basin to grommets and screws, you won't need to go anywhere else. Whether you’re a contractor or DIYer, this basin kit is the product you’ve been looking for. Everything in the kit is 100% American Made. We love supporting our country and American made products, so everything you see here is just that. From the engineering, resin, and tooling, to the...

        InstaDry™  2 Piece Snap Together Sump Basin crawl space sump pump, 15 gallon sump pump, crawl space sump pump
        Price: $99.99
        Availability: In Stock
        CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 15G-BSN-USA -

          The basin’s new, contemporary, lightweight design will now allow you to take it in to the crawl space already assembled or in two separate pieces. The anti flow plate has now been made a part of the basin itself, and is no longer a separate piece that you have to put together. The bottom ribbed surface makes assembly fast and easy. It goes together with just a “snap”. The new basin now uses slots instead of predrilled holes for better water flow and water pressure. Whether you're a...

          Crawl Space Battery Back Up
          Retail: $403.00
          Price: $325.99
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: BTY-BUP -

            This is the Liberty 441 battery back up sump pump. This pump comes complete with a battery powered sump pump, a battery charger, a check valve and the necessary connections for installation.Battery sold seperatly.Use a deep-cycle marine battery which can be purchased at any battery store that sells auto or marine batteries. This battery back up can not be installed by itself, it is required to have a standard 110-120v sump pump installed. This back up pump is installed in the PVC plumbing for...

            Crawl Space Dehumidifier Condensation pump
            Price: $77.00
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: CON-PUM -

              Model LCU-20STA condensation pump is a small pump that helps pump water from a dehumidifier to a sump pump, waste line or other disired location. This pump is made by Liberty Pumps and is supplied with a 20' drain hose. The maximum hieght it can pump vertically is 20'.

              Crawl Space Sump Pump by Liberty sump pump, crawl space sump pump, liberty sump pump
              Price: $169.99
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: LBT-237 -

                Liberty Pumps is a family owned company that manufactures their pumps in the U.S.A. This crawl space sump pump, can pump up to 45 gallons of water per minute. The Liberty model 237 features: Stainless Steel Shaft 1/3 HP electric motor All fasteners – non-corrosive stainless steel Permanently lubricated upper and lower bearings. 10' Cord, 25' cord upon request Removable base allows suction down to 1/8" Can handle up to 3/8" solids Find this crawl space sump pump in all of our InstaDry™ Sump...

                Crawl Space Sump Pump by Wayne sump pump, crawl space sump pump, Wayne sump pump
                Price: $159.99
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: WSP-1/3HP -

                  The Wayne coated steel sump pump has corrosion resistant coated steel housing and coast iron volute, with stainless steel fasteners for long life in tough sump applications. This pump is easy to install, start to finish in about 15 minutes.  Find this crawl space sump pump in all of our InstaDry™ Sump Kits

                  Premium Sump Pump High Water Alarm water alarm, sump basin water alarm
                  Price: $85.00
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: PHW -

                    This premium water alarm will alert you if the sump pump fails. It comes with a float switch that is mounted inside the sump basin and will allow additional sensors. On the dashboard there is a control to test the alarm as well as to silence it. It features a battery backup that requires one 9v, included. Additional sensors can be wired to this alarm. Ask a technician for details.

                    Crawl Space Water Alarm
                    Price: $13.99
                    Availability: Sold Out
                    Item #: SWA -

                      Don't find out too late that your crawl space or basement is flooding. Power outs, broken water or sewer lines and sump pump malfunctions can lead to costly repairs. Know the minute there is a water problem. Item's water sensor has a 6' cord so unit can be installed in a safe dry place while the sensor can detect water. The sensor cord can be extended up to 100' to make battery changing a snap. Use near crawl space sump pumps, hot water tanks, toilets, under sinks or anywhere water can cause...