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Contractor Sales

  • Tired of not getting your order on time?
  • Looking for a better quality product line?
  • Do you need to buy in volume?
  • Are you currently waiting weeks for your order to arrive?

Whether you need to buy a full pallet or a couple of rolls we can ship your order Next Day or Sooner. We keep an average of 2.8 million square feet of vapor barrier on hand at all times, as well as the products to go with it. That is enough crawl space liner to encapsulate almost 2500 homes. We have a dedicated team ready to take your business seriously! You won't find a more dedicated team anywhere.

Training and Development 

As this industry changes and more companies add crawl space encapsulation® to their service offering, we want you to know® is here to help. We strongly believe in the merits of great workmanship partnered with great quality products. Ask us how we can help advance your company closer towards your goal in this ever changing industry, with training, certification and licensing.

Sales Support

We want to be your partner in the crawl space repair industry and we have developed sale material to help you sell more jobs. Ask the sale representative for more information about all the options your company has.

Shipping Cost

We utilize all of the freight and small package carriers out there, so if you have a preference just let us know. Our warehouse team has steamlined the process of getting, comparing and negotiating price quotes from the most reliable shipping companies in the U.S. We know that getting CHEAP, late and damaged deliveries is not what leading companies want or need. Professionalism, accountability and reliability is what you will find when doing business with®.


We will be glad to send you samples of our products so you can compare them to what you are currently using. This is the best way to determine the value of what you are using vs what we are offering. Please keep in mind that many companies will sell you on a thicker vapor barrier, but deliver a thinner than promised liner. This reason alone makes it difficult to price match over the phone.

Something to Consider-

Contractor Sales Crawl Space Vapor BarrierThese two products are sold on the internet. They are both the same thickness. They are both the SAME price. The one on the left is sold as a 12 mil and the one on the right is sold as a 20 mil. Is the one on the right a better deal?

Don't get scammed, get samples and compare.