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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Protection
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Item #: FLT-550 -

Felt550™ Has Two Significant Uses In A Crawl Space Puncture Strength The Felt550™ is made from virgin Polypropylene and woven into an lightweight and extremely puncture resistant material. There is no organic material used when making this product so it will naturally resist mold and mildew growth. In fact, the Felt550™ was designed and engineered to be in contact with water and the earth 100% of the time. Putting all of these features together makes it perfect to use under a crawl space liner...

6 Mil RS Rough Soil™  6 mil RoughSoil™, 6 mil crawl space vapor barrier, 6 mil vapor barrier, 6 mil crawl space liner
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Item #: 6MNR-RS -

Available in 12' x 85' rolls 6 Mil and Felt 550™ are attached using molten polyethylene 6 Mil Non-Reinforced -   100% Virgin PolyethyleneBright White Single Layer Felt 550™ -  Protects vapor barrier punctures from sharp objects in the dirt, like gravel and edges of concrete foundationPrevents the vapor barrier from sucking to the mudAllows an air gap between the vapor barrier and the earth to mitigate soil gasses if neededWill wick puddles of water and disperse across the floor...