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DiamondBack™ 12 Mil Cord Reinforced DiamondBack™ 12 Mil Seamless
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Thickness (nominal): 12 Mil  12 Mil
Starting Price: $302.24 $344.16 $275.10(pricing and details)
Sq ft options: 1000 sq ft 1020 sq ft

Our most competitively priced, string reinforced crawl space vapor barriers is the DiamondBack™ crawl space liner. Designed and made 100% in America and built to last with no pin holes or unnecessary additives.

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DiamondBack 12 Mil Vapor Barrier Seamless
Retail: $344.16
Price: $275.10
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Crawl Space Repair® Item #: 12MDB-85-SL -

    12 Mil DiamondBack This American Made 12 mil crawl space liner is a cord reinforced vapor barrier that can be compared to most other brands on the open market for the same stated thickness, 12 Mil. Actual 12 mil is equal to .012", not 12mm. This product is a nominal 12 mil, meaning does not measure 12 mil at the plastic, but it is close. This crawl space liner does not contain any additives and is reinforced with a 1000 denier polyester cord to stabilize the layers and prevent tearing....