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12 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barriers and Liners

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DiamondBack 12 Mil Vapor Barrier Seamless
Retail: $63.75
Price: $56.10
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CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 12MDB -

    12 Mil DiamondBack This American Made crawl space liner is the basic string reinforced vapor barrier that can be compared to most other brands on the open market for the same stated thickness, 12 Mil. Actual 12 mil is equal to .012", not 12mm. This product is a nominal 12 mil, meaning does not measure 12 mil at the plastic but rather at the thread...just like all of its competitor products like duraskrim. This crawl space liner does not contain any additives and is reinforced with a 1000...

    12 mil crawl Space Liner
    Retail: $95.76
    Price: $72.14
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    CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 12MGL -

      12 Mil GuardianLiner™ Extremely durable, high quality crawl space vapor barrier/liner. This crawl space liner has been a favorite of the professional community since it's introduction. There are three major components that make this liner an excellent choice for the crawl space environment. First, the white top layer and the tan bottom layer are made from 100% virgin polyethylene resin. This is very important because these layers will last indefinitely. Product performance & longevity are key...

      12 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, SilverBack Crawl space vapor barrier, crawl space liner, crawl space encapsulation, vapor barrier for crawl space
      Retail: $222.00
      Price: $189.00
      Availability: In Stock
      CrawlSpace Repair Item #: 12MSB -

        12 Mil Reinforced Vapor Barrier for Crawl Space Encapsulation The 12 mil SilverBack™ crawl space vapor barrier is the best product to encapsulate a crawl space. Used by professionals to achieve results that back up their reputation. This product is made in the USA and from premium grade ingredients. We do not cut corners on our products. The SilverBack™ crawl space vapor barrier naturally resists mold and mildew, does not offgas any odors and will not delaminate. The Top- The face is pure...

        12 mil Vapor Barrier
        Price: $93.33
        Availability: In Stock
        CrawlSpace Repair

          NEW Product Technology The SilverBack HS's technology comes from 60 years of outdoor environmental strength testing and is a premium engineered vapor barrier. With 100% of the surface protected by reinforcement made from strengthened polyethylene ribbons. The puncture and tear strength greatly outmatch even our SilverBack string reinforced vapor barrier product line.  The 12 Mil measures actual 12 Mil across the surface and looks great as wall or floor liner. This crawl space vapor...