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William Volk Purchased 4/30 & 5/31/14, South Carolina

Thank you for being so awesome!

As a homeowner who does a lot of his own maintenance and upkeep, I’m always looking for high value, high performance products when I’m doing a project around the house. After all, if a job isn’t done right, I’m the fellow who is going to have to go back and fix it

When the time came to remove and replace all of the duct work in the crawlspace of our 30 year old home, I knew that I also wanted to replace the old six mil poly vapor barrier with something more substantial. (And preferably before the new duct work was installed!) After seeing the underside of a home that had recently undergone a professional “crawl space encapsulation®” treatment, I knew that was the direction I wanted to go.

Here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, we experience steamy, humid summer weather that can last for weeks or months at a time. With cold HVAC ducts in an open, vented crawlspace, it should have come as no surprise to find damp musty insulation blanketing my rusting sheet metal ducts when I began tearing out the old duct system. It soon became apparent to me that these “crawlspace encapsulation” guys were on to something, and that a quality vapor barrier, in combination with sealing off the foundation vents, was going to be key in keeping my soon-to-be-installed expensive new duct system from suffering a similar fate.

After getting a quote from a pest control operator who wanted over $5,000 to do an encapsulation, I decided this was one job I would try and tackle myself. Upon searching the internet, I found the good folks at®, and after doing a little research on their site, I decided to order the 12 mil GuardianLiner to redo my crawlspace.

I couldn’t be happier with that decision!® shipped exactly what I ordered on the day I ordered it! A few days later, two well protected 75' long rolls of 13' wide GuardianLiner were on my doorstep, along with 3 rolls of the 4? wide tape.

For the actual installation,I decided to wrap all of the internal block foundation piers with the GuardianLiner™ first, and then roll out pre-cut, unfolded, rerolled sections of GuardianLiner™ between the piers and foundation walls, sealing it all as I went. With a little pre planning and some accurate measurements, I was able to cover the entire crawlspace with 5 sections of GuardianLiner™. I ended up with three big sections (13' x 17', 13' x 41', and 13' x 28') to run between the foundation perimeters to the internal “wrapped” piers, and then finished off in between the inner piers with two pieces each 4' x 13'. I had a friend help me unroll, cut, unfold, reroll and roll out the three big sections. We did that part in about three hours. The other two smaller pieces I did myself in another hour or so. I would estimate the total man hours to do the complete job – wrapped, taped, and ready to go vapor barrier installation, was less than ten.

When my duct installer showed up, he said it was the cleanest, best looking crawlspace he had ever been in. I can’t disagree with him. (Having half a dozen fluorescent light bulbs under there doesn’t hurt, either.)

All in all, I couldn’t be happier about my decision to do it myself, and I’m especially pleased to have found™ as a reliable source for exactly the materials I needed.

I’m completely satisfied with the products and services of®, have already recommended them to several other people, and I will continue to do so.

5 out of 5!!

Michael Reach- Annandale, VA Purchased 8/19/2013

I have been meaning to let you know what I thought of your products and service, and to let you know how my “project” went.

First….your website really does a great job of explaining the various products and options, so by the time I placed my order I was pretty sure I knew what I needed. Also….the videos and instructions helped immensely before and during the installation.

Second…..the order came on time and with everything I ordered. It was a complex order so I sort of expected a snag or problem, but everything was intact and all was well.

Third……all of the products were great and lived up to their descriptions. They are not “cheap”, but considering the importance of the job and the need to only do it once, the high quality was well worth it.

My crawl space was a mess…..and also had very low clearances. The highest area was 24”, and one addition had spaces as low as 12”. As a result, the quote to encapsulate it and install wiring and a whole house dehumidifier came in just over $10k. Given the challenges, that did not surprise me at all.

I decided to do it myself….not just to save the money, but also so I could see every nook and cranny under my house and address any issues. As a result, I did discover some problems due to neglect. Actually mostly due to lack of visibility because it was so awful to go under the house, nobody ever did! I am almost 62, so I enjoyed the challenge of taking on the job too. Saving about $8k was a good motivator as well.

The job was physically demanding, mostly because of the small space. The materials worked just fine and once I did some of it, I became pretty good at it quickly. The crawl space covers 2450 square feet, and has many inside and outside corners….and 18 piers… it was not a simple job. . I would suggest that if someone isn’t physically up to the challenge ( or nuts…as my wife says) that finding laborers and supervising the job would be a wise alternative…..and still save you a lot of money.

The end result is amazing. Clean and bright…..and sealed from humidity sources. Now it’s almost a pleasure to go under there….and therefore things will be inspected and maintained properly.

So…..that was a long-winded way of telling you that your products and service were excellent… was the end result. I can sleep a lot better now that I know the crawl space is clean and dry.

Thank you!!!


Ralph Fowler- Ellicott City, MD Purchased 7/29/2013

WOW! You guys are the greatest. I called several times with several questions before I purchased the 12 mil GuardianLiner™. Everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable about crawl space encapsulation®. A little history of why I was searching the web for crawl space issues. My father-in-law has a house in western Maryland. My friend also has a house in the same neighborhood. Both are on Crawl spaces. We pretty much rebuilt my friends house and insulated the crawl space. At my Father-in-laws house, we replaced every floor joist with pressure treated lumber and we replaced the main beam as well. Both of these houses were built in the 1970’s. We also reinsulated my father-in-laws house. We both, my friend and myself, looked under the houses around July 4th and found they were dripping from the insulation and the joists. My friend, Tony, was freaking out. I was concerned as well. we had both spent a lot of money to insulate the under side of the houses. We had fans set on dehumidistats to try to draw air through the crawl spaces. Nothing was working.

We searched the web and I found you guys. I called and if you told me once you must have told me 20 time to seal the vents. I could not believe this would work. I did it and ordered the GuardianLiner™, the sealing tape, the waterproof tape, the plugs and a hydrometer. My friend Tony ordered everything except the hydrometer. We encapsualted his crawl space 1st. we ran a dehumidifier to dry it out and then encapsulated. It took us about 4 hours to do the 24 x 24 crawl space about 2 1/2 feet off the ground. The product went up with ease. It was easy to work with and the instructions we got from your web site were excellent. Tony did not use a dehumidifier after we installed the “Guardian” liner. His space stayed dry for a while. He looked under on Labor day weekend and the liner was damp. He will be putting a dehumidifier under in the near future.

We next did my (father-in-laws) house. WE did this 2 weeks prior to Labor day weekend. The house was wet underneath. We installed the “Guardian” liner. The sealing tape would not stick to the front wet wall. We pinned it, stretch 2 feet and pinned it again and did this to the entire front wall. When we finished, we closed it up and read the hydrometer. It was reading 98% humidity under the house. That is pretty much raining under the house. This weekend, Labor day weekend, we went back up and I put a dehumidifier under the house on the dehumidistat. I sealed the front wall, where we pinned the liner, with silicon sealant as instructed. We ran the dehumidifier all weekend and left it plugged in to the dehumidistat and watched the hydrometer. By the time we left on Monday, the house was dry underneath. We got the humidity down from 98% to 63% by the time we left. We left the dehumidfier plugged into the dehumidistat and will leave it to do its thing.

I would never have believed sealing the vents and encapsulating would be the answer to a problem we have had for over 30 years. Had we know this last year or 2 years ago, we could have saved a lot of money in insulation. I will definitely recommend you and your company to everyone I see who says they have a moisture problem in their crawl space. I have another friend who has a brother who paid around $10,000 to have his crawl space encapsulated on the eastern shore of Maryland. We did it for a fraction of the cost, Tony’s was about $360 and mine was about $650. It took 4 hours to do Tony’s wit ha couple of breaks and it took about 6 hours to do mine with a couple of breaks.

Excellent, excellent product and excellent, excellent, customer service from Bob, Caitlin and Larry. Cudos

Thanks again,

Ralph Fowler

“GuardianLiner™” User and Believer

Brian Nordland- Barryton, MI Purchased 7/7/2013

I recently purchased the products to encapsulate our crawl space, they arrived quickly and the order was complete. My wife and I followed the info on the videos and in 3 partial days finished the job. What a huge difference in smell and air quality. Our small dehumidifier ran constantly and couldn’t bring the humidity under 60%, now with the project complete it stays at a comfortable 55% without running all the time. Very pleased so far and I appreciated having the info to DIY and save a large chunk of money in doing so.

Now this space is clean and bright and will give us lots of storage options. Im glad I found the crawl space vapor barrier company online. We’ve had a great experience and sure others will as well.

Brian and Lisa Nordland

Dennis York- North Augustus, SC Purchased 6 Times 10/21, 11/5, 12/14, 12/17, 12/26/2012 & 1/7/2013

I’m very happy with the products I’ve received. The quality is excellent. Ordering was quick. I usually received my products sooner than I expected. Your suggestion to use cinder blocks to seal vents worked great and saved money. I still need to finish sealing the blocks and purchase a larger dehumidifier to make the project complete. The unit I’m currently using isn’t large enough. The humidity this morning is 47%. All the smells are gone. My wife thinks we should use a portion of the crawl space to store wine now. Before she wouldn’t step foot in the space. I’ve attached some before and after pictures if you would like to use them on your website. I would recommend your products for anyone who wants to encapsulate their crawlspace.

Thanks again


Nick & Merrie Yerkes- Chesapeake, VA Purchased 6 Times 4/12, 6/11, 7/2, 7/9, 8/20 & 8/28/2012

The service was great

The advise was great

The products are great

My crawlspace looks and feels great

And I saved a BUNCH of money!!


Nick & Merrie Yerkes

Brian Totten- Whitmore Lake, MI Purchased 7/6 and 9/7/2012

Thanks Matt,

I live nearby Wixom and so I dealt directly with the staff at the facility. I wanted to let you know that I was impressed by their friendliness and willingness to work with me.

Your website, products and warehouse are also pretty impressive.

Brian T.

Joe LaPiana- Charlotte, NC Purchased 3/19/2012

Just finished installing a crawlspace vapor barrier in my summer home. I must tell you of my experience in dealing with the staff at Crawlspace Concepts.
I originally placed a call to Crawlspace concepts: when I got a voicemail I thought “What else is new”, and did not bother to leave a message. Little did I know! Immediately Jessica called me back using caller ID. How refreshing.
The bottom line: My experience from the beginning was first class. The service, the technical support, the superior product, the tracking information complete with pictures of what I had ordered, the correct amount of materials, the videos showing various stages of installation, all made this project as easy as possible. I was thrilled with the final results. I will forward some photos next time I am at the house. My hat’s of to all.Thanks again for being a standout operation in a mediocre world.

Joe LaPiana

Tom Ferguson- Charlotte, NC Purchased 1/30/2012 & 2/24/2012

Having just completed my crawl space I wanted to let you know what I think of your products. Because I live in the mountains of North Carolina I rarely use Air Conditioning. Because of this I did not want to encapsulate my crawlspace and be required to condition it in the summer months. I sealed the vapor barrier on the foundation walls even with the bottom of the automatic foundation vents and left them functioning. Most of my concern was moisture from the soil. If I find I must encapsulate I can easily block the vents and seal the upper two blocks of the foundation with a strip of silver back or even ugl waterproofing.

I used all your products including the Felt 550®. I used the felt in the event radon was identified as a problem. I will always use the felt on future jobs. Even a very well prepared crawl space will have small rocks and gravel that cause no problem when the felt is used. I am very pleased with the SilverBack® 12 mil and the foundation tape and seal tape worked very well. When I spend this kind of money it’s nice to feel you got what you paid for.

Thanks, Tom in NC

Sherwood Barks- Alberta, Canada Purchased 1/25/2012

nstead of Individually assessing the items I would like to Give Everything a Huge…. PLUS!!

I live in Alberta, Canada and had found only one dealer ‘ Basement Systems’ that was able to do the encapsulation required for my 4' x 1300 sq ft crawl space. Their quote was extremely high and ‘in my opinion’ out of line. But at that time I believed I had no other options. In spite of extensive searching I was unable to find another company to supply or install the crawl space encapsulation®.

Then I found CrawlSpace Concepts on a Google Search. I was apprehensive based on the fact that Crawl Space is Located in the US. My concerns were 1. Material quality 2. Shipping Costs 3. Import Duties. 4. Product Service and Support.

WELL!!! I took a chance and 4 days later my materials arrived. Was I surprised at the quick delivery!

1. Material is high quality (everything needed was included) all for $1,900.00.

2. Shipping was include

3. US border broker fee was included

4. Complete material installation instructions were supplied.

5. Follow-up support,complete cutting and installation instructions for my specific crawl space lay out.

6. Total Material Cost $1895.00 instead of the $15,000. quotedby Basement Systems. Do it Yourself… ! Or Hire A Handi-man.

7. There were no unpleasant surprises with CrawlSpace Concepts based in the US. I know I sound like commercial but that is what I found. Do it Yourself and save a ton of money.

Marty & Jen

Paul Trujillo- China Twp, MI Purchased 10/19/2011

Here are a few pictures of my crawlspace that I completed this weekend.
Thanks again-
Paul Trujillo

Peter Bararuk- Saskatchewan, Canada Purchased 9/27/2011


We were very pleased with product and your service.
Your sales person Missy was very helpful an pleasant when taking our order.
We were undecided of what thickness to order and we are glad we went with the 20 mill.

Best regards
Happy Halloween
Peter & Joanne

Roger Day- Wheaton, IL Purchased 9/15/2011

Reference your request for comment on the products I received, the products arrived as scheduled, and I have finished installing the SilverBack® Vapor Barrier in my crawl space. I finished the installation last Thursday. The difference between pre-vapor barrier installation and post is dramatic. Installation of the vapor barrier was straightforward and not overly complicated. I have a horizontal furnace in the crawlspace and needed to suspend if from the floor joists in order to get the vapor barrier under it, but even that was not a difficult task. The humidifier is working fine, does not run continuously, and seems to have settled into a few run cycles per hour. I think if it were not for the information and video instruction on your website, as well as my conversations with Larry, that this installation would not have succeeded.

Thank you for a good product and your great customer support.

Roger A. Day

Dan Cowen- Chapel Hill, NC Hired Contractor

I live in Chapel Hill North Carolina and have been talking to contractors about sealing the crawlspace in my home.

I found it rather confusing, as it was hard for me to determine where the good advise stopped and the sales-pitch started.

  • Do I need to remove the insulation?
  • Condition the air?
  • Put Styrofoam on the outer walls?
  • What type and thickness of plastic vapor barrier should be used?
  • Should I seal the vents?
  • How much should it cost?

After talking to 3 different contractors I was confused about how to approach my situation.

I sent an e-mail to CrawlSpace Concepts and I received an in depth e-mail in return that was really helpful in making a decision about the contractor on my list.

I encourage you to seek his guidance.


Randy Bagrowski- Colora, MD Purchased 7/16/2008

Just thought you’d like to know. I encapsulated my 18 x 18 crawlspace a few days ago. It took me and a buddy of mine about 2 and a half hours. What a difference! For the past 18 years I was running a dehumidifier in the basement, next to the crawlspace opening. I would empty the dehumidifier twice per day (3 gallons of water!). Now I get about a pint of water!!! And absolutely no more smelly basement! Amazing stuff!

Randy Bagrowski

Phil Clark- Lexington, KY Purchased Purchased 4/29/08


Thank you for the quick delivery of the supplies I ordered for encapsulating my crawl space.

The crawl space (13 feet by 24 feet) is under my family room and has an entrance that connects to my basement. I wanted to encapsulate the crawl space to eliminate moisture and odor problems when I came across your web site. Your site was very helpful and made me feel at ease in doing the work myself. Also your web site made it very easy to order the supplies online.

I did all of the work by myself and found the hardest part getting myself in and out of the crawl space door! I am pleased with the product and it seems to be doing the job.

Thanks for your help.

Phil Clark

Lexington, KY

Paul Jacobsen- Nashville, TN Purchased 2/27/09

Matt, John, and Jo,

I wanted to thank you for your help with the tips, techniques, and supplies in completing my crawl space project. I received my last four prefab piers and completed to. It turned out to be a much bigger project than expected, but I figured that while I was down there, I might as well do the job right. The actual placement of the material I ordered from Crawl Space Concepts went down fairly quickly; it was all the other (ducting, plumbing, footings, etc.) that took forever. I am sure it would have gone a lot faster if I had some help, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask anyone to go into the crawl space with me; it was not a fun job.

I ran out of both the Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™ and the Foundation Seal Tape™ on my last pier, can you believe it. I need to order some more Waterproof Seam Pro Tape™ but I am wondering if you could send me ~2.5 ft. of Foundation Seal Tape so I don’t have to buy a whole roll. I will call next week to order the tape. Am also including some pictures, enjoy.

Thank you,

Paul Jacobsen

Tom Benisch Jr.- Baltimore, MD Purchased 9/16/09


Hope you are ready for Santa!

You & I talked last week about some questions I had about my installation of the vapor barrier that I purchased from you. At that time, you mentioned you could give me your cell phone # just in case I needed to reach you for questions that may arise during the installation. I plan on starting the job on Monday December 21st & finish by Wednesday the 23rd or Thursday the 24th.

Please forward me your contact information when you get a minute. Thanks for all of your help & guidance over the past few months helping me prepare for this project. You guys have been super to work with!

Hope your holidays are bright!

Tom Benisch, Jr., CPCU, LTCP, Agent

Chris Evans – West Decatur, PA Purchased 10/7/08


Sorry I took so long to respond to this message. I was cleaning out my email recently and found it. I installed your product last fall and it is awesome. Your complete solution is the best I could find on the market. Before installing your product I was having moisture problems in a crawlspace under an addition that I just added on to our house. I tried laying down 4 mill plastic, but I still had moisture problems. Since installing your product I have had no moisture problems whatsoever. I just crawled into the crawlspace over the Christmas holiday and it was completely dry.

Thanks again,

Chris Evans