What Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Thickness Do You Need?

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Finished Crawl SpaceThis is a very common question and it really depends on what is going to happen after you encapsulate your crawl space. Most people want nothing to do with the crawl space and are only going to go down there to do home maintenance. For those customers our selection of 12 Mil vapor barriers is perfect for them. It is an all around durable product that will allow for some light storage and superior moisture protection. All of our vapor barriers have a polyester reinforcement mesh. This makes the vapor barrier much stronger and confines any punctures.

The 8 Mil DiamondBack™ is a great product when there is limited head height or for use on the crawl space walls. Since the crawl space walls require very little durability from the vapor barrier it can be used to offset the cost of a thicker, stronger one. Even though this is the smallest Mil available by CrawlSpaceRepair.com it is still no wimp.

If the crawl space has a lot of rough ground, stones, heavy foot traffic or storage is desired then the 20 Mil SilverBack™ is the one you want. It is the the strongest and has the most reinforcement in it. The 20 Mil has two layers of polyester reinforcement and three layers of virgin polyethylene.

The ground should be free from sharp objects with all of our crawl space vapor barriers to insure a long service life.

Protection for your floor

For those crawl spaces that have too many stones or starp objects and just can not be removed, take a look at our . The Felt550™ was designed to protect your crawl space liner from your crawl space floor.