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Crawl Space Brush
Price: $7.59
Availability: In Stock
Item #: BLK-BSH -

    The block brush is used to clean dirt, dust and insulation fibers from the foundation wall. Use the block brush to prepare for the installation of the Foundation Seal Tape™. This brush can also be used to sweep the crawl space before applying the Waterproof Seam Tape™ as well as after the vapor barrier is installed.

    Crawl Space Work Light
    Price: $18.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: CRW-CPLT -

      This light has a 250 watt bulb for lots of light where you need it without the extra heat you get from a 500 watt light. The light is mounted on a swivel clamp to allow the direction of the light to always be where it is needed. The clamp will fit on a standard floor joist so it will not need to be on the wet ground. This will help protect workers from electrical shock as well as the heat from the light burning the vapor barrier. This light can be mounted three ways; with stand, with clamp and...

      Crawl Space Gloves crawl space gloves, gloves for crawl space
      Retail: $2.59
      Price: $1.99
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: CRW-GLV -

        These gloves are made of soft nylon for a comfortable fit. The palm of the glove is dipped in rubber to give the glove protection from mud, dirt and crawl space grossness. The rubber coating allows for a quick rinse and the glove is clean again, unlike cotton or leather gloves where the dirt can penetrate the pours of the material and smear mud or dirt onto the vapor barrier.One size fits all- Adult sizes only. Colors will vary.

        Crawl Space Knife
        Price: $9.98
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: CS-KNF -

          This knife uses standard utility razor blades and has a quick change feature making it easy to get a new blade when you need it. The clip on the side keeps it close when you need it. No tools needed to get a fresh blade. A sharp blade means less injuries and clean cuts.

          Crawl Space Pick
          Price: $16.99
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: CRW-PIK -

            Use this pick to loosen dirt, remove large rocks and pry up roots that are in the way when installing a drain system or sump pump. This pick is 18" long and made of hardened steel.

            Crawl Space Shovel
            Price: $14.99
            Availability: Sold Out
            Item #: CRW-SHL -

              Use this shovel to dig sump basins, drain trenches and level large hills. It has a hickory shaft and a sturdy plastic handle for a comfortable grip. This shovel will cut through even the hardest dirt and beg for more. It measures 24" long and the spade is 6" wide.

              Multi Outlet Crawl Space Power Cord
              Price: $48.00
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: SPG -

                This product has 3 cord outlets along its 25' length to power lights, hammer drill, vacuum or whatever you need to plug in. One great advantage is when you need to use a new power tool you don't need to go back to the access and unplug a light to get power. It also keeps the amount of extension cord in the crawl space to a minimum, which means a safer place to work. This cord is available in either 12 or 14 gauge so there will be no threat of any of the power cords attached to it over heating....

                Refills for MSA Toxic Dust Respirator
                Price: $24.99
                Availability: Sold Out
                Item #: RFL-TDR -

                  Refills for toxic dust respirator.

                  Crawl Space Respirator
                  Price: $40.99
                  Availability: Sold Out
                  Item #: TD-RPR -

                    This respirator is the one we count on to keep mold spores, dust and other contaminates out of our lungs. This respirator is rated to protect against toxic dust so you know you are protected in the crawl space. The cartridges are replaceable and the mask can be washed with warm soapy water. The head band is adjustable to fit- one size fits all. Adult sizes only.