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Our InstaDry™ Drainage System (IDS) was designed specifically to route water to a water collection system like the InstaDry™ Sump Kit

The IDS makes several advancements on a traditional drain tile system. The biggest advantage in most cases is reducing or eliminating the use of drainage rock around the pipe. 

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The InstaDry™ Drainage System is available in 50' and 165' rolls. 

Water permeable fabric allows the water in and keeps the dirt and mud out. Use IDS to replace traditional methods of removing standing water from your crawl space.

Drain rock is used to filter dirt from entering into the drain system. In most traditional methods drain rock is required. If you used IDS in your crawl space, rock is not necessary if you have a good draining soil, like sand or sand mixes. However, if you do not have a good draining soil, like pure clay, it is recommended to use drain rock or sand to keep the IDS working as required.

Because of the cost to ship the large rolls, 165', we recommend calling our office to help with the cost of the shipping method. IDS is also available in 50' rolls, which is much more UPS shipping friendly.

Both 50' and 165' rolls are 6" high by 1" thick. Both sizes are wrapped in a permeable cloth to protect from clogging.