Episode 4, Journey to Crawl Space Encapsulation®

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Water Control and Soil Gas Mitigation most often are not considered in the project of moisture control. One of the great benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation is the energy saving from losing the foundation vents. However, this can make a Radon problem and even bigger problem.

Planning to controlling a water problem, even if it is just a few times a year, is equally important. Many times a flooded crawl space does not stay flooded all year. It will dry out and flood on the next weather event.

Jesse is learning how water control and soil gas mitigation work together with the Instadry Sump Kit.

Here you see our Instadry Sump Kit with the Liberty 441 battery back up kit.

Our Radon Fan works to remove soil gasses when other fall short. The amount of air it moves is just as important as the 5 year warranty.

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