Soil Gas Mitigation Fan

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Soil Gas Mitigation Fan

Has a 5 year warranty!
The soil gas mitigation fan is used to evacuate soil gases like Radon, Methane and other harmful gases emitted from the soil. It comes with 3? collars so it can be used with our Instadry Sump Kit™ and Radon Sump Basin. Mitigating soil gases is very important to the health of everyone living in the home.Most soil gases cause a very unpleasant odor even after encapsulation, but Radon does not have an odor and is deadly. Read more about Radon Gas from the EPA.

This fan will also help to control moisture in the crawl space by removing it from under the barrier. This method makes a small impact on the overall moisture, but is a positive byproduct of its use for soil gas mitigation.

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  • 5 Year Warranty
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