Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
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Move more air with this FanPak and a Moisture Medic. Together they will remove more air and cost you less money doing it.

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    This FanPak™ is used with our Moisture Medic dehumidifiers to increase air flow in the crawl space, which makes the crawl space dehumidifier far more efficient and productive. The FanPak™ will allow the Moisture Medic to dehumidify more area, by up to 50% more. More air flow means more dehumidifying, longer run cycles and a more efficient dehumidifier. Longer run cycles allow the dehumidifier to get to temperature and stay there while the FanPak™ continues to move the moist air toward the Moisture Medic.

    Ask to speak to a Tech for more information.

    FanPack™ is available in two options, 2 fans and 3 fans. 

    2 FanPak™
    The 2 FanPak™ includes 100 ft of 18 gauge wire (NOTE** the 2 FanPak™ can not exceed 100' with included wire. 

    3 FanPak™
    The 3 FanPak does not include wire. 3 locations can require more than a 100' installation, wire is not included.

    100 CFM fans

    50VA Transformer

    Wire sold separately on the 3 fan pack, 100 ft of wire is included on the 2 fan pack. Ask our tech team what size wire for the distance you will need on the 3 fan pack.

    2 FanPak

    1. 2 FanPak™ fans
    2. Spare fan connectors
    3. 4 quick clip wire connectors
    4. Transformer
    5. 100' 18 gauge wire
    6. Instructions

    3 FanPak™

    1. 3 FanPak™ fans
    2. Spare fan connectors
    3. 6 quick clip wire connectors
    4. Transformer
    5. Instructions

    3 FanPak™ wire sold separately. Ask our techs what size wire you will need for the distance of the last fan from the dehumidifier.  

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Fan Pack

    Excellent installation instructions. Small, quiet and add quite a bit to dehumidifier efficiency.

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