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12 Mil SilverBack and Dehumidifier
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    12 Mil Reinforced Vapor Barrier for Crawl Space Encapsulation & a 70 Pint Sant Fe DehumidifierThe 12 mil SilverBack™ BLACK edition is a specially made product for this promotion and is in limited quantities. Once 75 Bundles are sold this promotion will no longer be available. This bundle will encapsulate a crawl space that is 800-1300 sq ft in size depending on many factors. Included in this bundle is 1340 sq ft of 12 Mil SilverBack™ vapor barrier, 2 rolls of our white seam tape Waterproof...

    20 Mil Vapor Barrier & Dehumidifier Bundle 20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, 20 mil crawl space liner, 20 mil plastic barrier, crawl space dehumidifier
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      Project Starter Bundle Get started with a discount on two popular products when you purchase them together. This crawl space repair bundle is designed to get your project off the ground with savings and value. All products are Made in America The base product is the 20 Mil GaurdianLiner™ with antimicrobial for additional mold and mildew resistance a popular crawl space dehumidifier: Santa Fe Compact70 Click Item name to learn more about the product. This is a limited time offer... ...