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Crawl Space Water Alarm
Price: $85.00
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    This premium water alarm will alert you if the sump pump fails. It comes with a float switch that is mounted inside the sump basin and will allow additional sensors. On the dashboard there is a control to test the alarm as well as to silence it. It features a battery backup that requires one 9v, included. Additional sensors can be wired to this alarm. Ask a technician for details.

    Crawl Space Water Alarm
    Price: $13.99
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      Don't find out too late that your crawl space or basement is flooding. Power outs, broken water or sewer lines and sump pump malfunctions can lead to costly repairs. Know the minute there is a water problem. Item's water sensor has a 6' cord so unit can be installed in a safe dry place while the sensor can detect water. The sensor cord can be extended up to 100' to make battery changing a snap. Use near crawl space sump pumps, hot water tanks, toilets, under sinks or anywhere water can cause...