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Compare our 20 Mil GuardianLiner™ to the 20 Mil Cleanspace™ brand liner, see specs below. This is an American Made crawl space liner with added anti-microbial for additional piece of mind in suppressing mold and mildew growth. 13'4"x75', 1000 Sq Ft per roll.

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    Compare the 20 Mil GuardianLiner™ to CleanSpace™-

    Same amount of plastic and same thickness...

    Looking for an affordable crawl space liner in the 20 mil class? The GuardianLiner™ is a vapor barrier designed to match up in appearance and performance with the Cleanspace brand head to head. Although lengths and widths are different the barrier's formula is comparable.

    Both product's outer layers are made from 100% virgin polyethylene resin and reinforced with a 1000 denier polyester cord. They even have very similar weights, with the GaurdianLiner™ made with 85 MSF and Cleanspace made with 83MSF. MSF= Pounds of plastic per square foot of product.

    Although products like these naturally resist mold and mildew growth they both have an added anti-microbial to enhance this characteristic.

    If you are looking for an alternative to the high priced Cleanspace brand crawl space liner, look no further than the 20 Mil GuardianLiner™.

    The 20 Mil GuardianLiner™ is made right here in America. That means you get consistent quality and appearance.

    13'4"x75', 1000 Sq Ft per roll.

    Both 20 Mil CleanSpace and 20 Mil GuardianLiner measure 20 Mil at the top of the thread. If your are looking for a 20 Mil vapor barrier that is measured at the plastic take a look at our actual thickness, 20 Mil SilverBack™.

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

    Vapour barrier laid down super easy even in a tight space. It was easy to maneuver over the felt 550. Planned out the pieces and cut them in the garage to make transportation into the crawl space easier. Only installed a few days, but the musty odor is gone from the house & crawl space, and the RH has dropped 21% already, from 95 to 74 (with the Compact Aire dehumidifier).

    Durability of the product is unknown at this point, but the high quality makes me think it should last a fairly long time.

    North Carolina

    Great products and service

    Could not ask for better than this. Installation was hard work, but that was to be expected. Product performed excellently and install actually went more smoothly than I expected.

    Ronan, MT


    This is three times heavier than anything I can find locally. I precut into sheets in the yard, I think dealing with the roll under the house would be quite hard. It's a bit stiff to get into the crawl space and unfold. As with another reviewer, I'm glad that day is behind me. I was sooo sore! It cuts like plastic with sizzors. The rocks and bits of broken concrete left from construction only put dents in this product, no holes. I am impressed with its strength.

    Anderson SC


    Extremely tough, well made material. My son and I installed this in our crawl space after watching the helpful videos on this website. Shipping was very quick and the product seems very well made. For a permanent moisture barrier, this is worlds above anything I could find in local stores, and after seeing how well it is made, it's actually a very fair price for the quality of the product.



    Glad I spent the extra money. Easy to lay down. I would use again


    Durable Product

    We installed the system in my crawl space over last weekend. Yes, I am very satisfied with the product. And yes, I am very sore, head to foot, from crawling over rocks to install it. I'm glad I purchased the reinforced material (20 Mil GuardianLiner™).