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12 mil crawl Space Liner
  • 12 mil crawl Space Liner
  • 12 Mil Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Compare crawl space liner
  • Crawl space insulation liner
  • Foundation Pins™
  • Foundation Pins™
  • Crawl Space Foundation Pins™ - FP-100
  • Foundation Seal Tape™
  • Foundation Seal Tape™
  • Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™  - WST-PRO
  • Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™  - WST-PRO
  • White Crawl Space Liner Tape

This crawl space liner has anantimicrobial added to the tan layer to enhance the vapor barriers natural ability to resist mold and mildew. The GuardianLiner™ is available in 5 sizes (see below).

This product is subject to a UPS large package handling fee of $9.28 for the first roll of each vapor barrier kind/size.

For more information on this product visit the GuardianLiner™ Product Page

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    Plastic fasteners to hold the vapor barrier permanently to the foundation wall
    In Stock 1 $19.99 $18.99
    Super tacky moisture gasket for sealing the vapor barrier to the foundation wall. Does not stick to damp foundations and requires FP-100 to work properly.
    In Stock 32+
    Made with our proprietary adhesive, this seam tape is waterproof and matches our barriers exactly. The Waterproof Pro Seam Tape™ is the tougher, stronger, and more durable choice for your crawl space encapsulation.
    In Stock 12 - 23
    Premium polyurethane caulk for sealing the vapor barrier to the foundation wall in wet locations
    In Stock 1 $6.20 $5.80
    Crawl space moisture meter, reads RH% and air temp
    Sold Out 1 $17.99

    12 Mil GuardianLiner™

    Extremely durable, high quality crawl space vapor barrier/liner. This crawl space liner has been a favorite of the professional community since it's introduction.

    There are three major components that make this liner an excellent choice for the crawl space environment. First, the white top layer and the tan bottom layer are made from 100% virgin polyethylene resin. This is very important because these layers will last indefinitely. Product performance & longevity are key factors in an investment like this.

    The second part is the reinforcement cord in the center. Made from 100% polyester, this 1000 denier cord protect the crawl space liner from tearing.

    The third component is the antimicrobial additive. Although virgin polyethylene naturally resists mold and mildew, the antimicrobial additive will give an extra level of protection and piece of mind.

    The 12 mil GuardianLiner™ can be directly compared to similar thickness (12 mil) vapor barriers on the market. However, there are some differences:

    • GuardianLiner™ does not have microperfing, tiny holes in the outer layer
    • GuardianLiner™ weighs minimum 64.5 pounds per 1000 sq ft or 64.5 MSF. While competitor's "12 mil" products weigh only 55 MSF, 45 MSF & 38 MSF
    • GuardianLiner™ was engineered for the crawl space environment while most other brands are designed for uses in the oil fields, equipment covers and grain covers.
    • GuardianLiner™ is Made In America

    12 Mil = .012 inches

    This crawl space vapor barrier/liner comes in the following sizes and ALL ship on an 82" core:

    • 12'" wide by 85' long / 1020 sq ft No Welded Seams
    • 13'4" wide by 50' long / 675 sq ft
    • 6' 7.5" wide by 100' long / 675 sq ft
    • 44" wide by 75' long / 275 sq ft
    • 3' wide by 75' long / 225 sq ft

    The 12 Mil GuardianLiner roll size is approximately 86" for all three roll sizes. We take the wider rolls and fold them in half before rolling them on a thick cardboard core. This 12 Mil product will measures 11.5-12 mil (.0115-.012 inches) at the center of the diamond pattern and approximately 16 mil at the string reinforcement.

    Expect that these rolls are heavy and may need two people to carry them. Due to its large size, UPS charges a large package handling fee of $9.28 each to deliver to your door.

    Overall Customer Rating of 77 Reviews:

    Very durable material

    • The best crawlspace liner ever
    I am very satisfied with my order. I wish I could give you 10 stars. You made a very good product. Keep it up and thank you so much. Now I can relax at home and not to worry about musty smell in my crawlspace. Thanks a bunch!

    East TN

    Awesome quality!

    I ordered this vapor barrier for a DIY crawl space project. As soon as we took it out of the plastic shipping wrapper, I knew that I had made the right decision for my project. It was easy to roll out and unfold to cover a large swath of space. It is very thick and durable, and the white color just added a sense of "clean" to my crawl space. I highly recommend this product!


    Great Barrier

    • Tough
    • thick
    • durable
    • Huge!
    Really nice thick barrier! You can't find this kind of stuff at your local supply shop! Order it here with everything and you will be good. It's what the pros use.


    Crawl 12 mil product

    It is a very good quality. I just had it installed in my crawl, so there is no way to rate the durability.


    Everything was perfect👍