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Insulation Pins foundation pins, barrier pins, insulation pins, insulation
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    These plastic insulation pins are used to mechanically fasten rigid foam board to the foundation wall. This is to be used prior to installing your crawl space vapor barrier, and is not intended to be used on the vapor barrier itself. You will need a 5/8 inch drill bit to prepare the foundation wall for the pin. 

    3" stub for sump pump kit
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      Use this product to plug the 3" hole in the lid of the Instadry Sump Kitâ„¢ once you have determined that Radon and other soil gases are not a threat. The 3" hole is used to mitigate soil gas such as Radon, Methane, Acidtone etc. Check with your local building department on how your local government requires you to mitigate these and other gases. This product also allows you to drain Air Conditioning drain lines as well as a dehumidifier drain by drilling the proper size hole in the side of the...