Selecting the correct size is very important to the performance and life span of the dehumidifier. 

Crawl space dehumidifiers come in many sizes depending on your homes needs. Selecting the correct dehumidifier depends on the volume of air in your crawl space. Bigger is not better! When a dehumidifier is too big for the space the on board controls will work against the productivity of the dehumidifier. One of the byproducts of running a crawl space dehumidifier is heat. Heat is not a bad thing when it is winter, but it is not a good thing when you are removing moisture from the air with a dehumidifier. Relative humidity is affected by two things; air temperate and dew point temperature. When the dehumidifier gives off excess heat, that heat will lower the relative humidity and turn the dehumidifier off. Larger than needed dehumidifiers in a crawl space will create that excess heat and cause the dehumidifier to run short cycles...eventually shortening the life of the dehumidifier. Properly sizing a dehumidifier for your crawl space will ensure you get the lifespan you expect. If you need help with sizing your crawl space dehumidifier, please give us a call.

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Crawl Space Dehumidifier
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Condensation Pump Product LinkHang Kit Product LinkFan Pack Product Link The Moisture Medic™ crawl space dehumidifier is the newest generation of moisture management equipment available to the public. 70 Pint Moisture MedicThis crawl space dehumidifier is 12.5" wide by 12.5" tall and 25" (cabinet only) long making it the perfect size to fit thru almost any crawl space access opening. The Moisture Medic™ has a 70, 100 and 130 pint per day capacity with no pans to empty. The energy rating on...

Crawl Space Dehumidifier Condensation pump
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    Model LCU-20ST A condensation pump is a small pump that helps pump water from a dehumidifier to a sump pump, waste line or other desired location. This pump is made by Liberty Pumps and is supplied with a 20' drain hose. The maximum height it can pump vertically is 20'.

    Hang Kit, Moisture Medic  hang kit, hang kit moisture medic, hang kit aprilaire
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      Hanging kit for all AprilAire and Moisture Medic Dehumidifiers. This product allows you to hang your crawl space dehumidifier from the crawl space ceiling. this will keep the dehumidifier off the floor, level and protected in the event of a flood.

      Air Support™ for the Moisture Medic crawl space fan, crawl space air support
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        This Air Support™ is used with our Moisture Medic dehumidifiers to increase air flow in the crawl space, which makes the crawl space dehumidifier far more efficient and productive. The Air Support™ will allow the Moisture Medic to dehumidify more area, by up to 50% more. More air flow means more dehumidifying, longer run cycles and a more efficient dehumidifier. Longer run cycles allow the dehumidifier to get to temperature and stay there while the Air Support™ continues to move the moist...

        Dehumidifier Switch
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          This dehumidistat is a key element in all moisture management plans outside of just plugging in your dehumidifier. The unit acts as a switch, turning power on and off to a dehumidifier and suppliment fans as the humidity rises and falls. It allows a "whole crawl space" approach to dehumidification. With this dehumidistat, most quality dehumidifiers can control moisture in double the space as what they were originally rated for if properly installed. For example- The Compact Air Plus™ is rated...

          AprilAire 8620W
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            An excellent product for your home when you are away from home. With this thermostat/humidity controller you can adjust your homes comfort from anywhere in the world, you just need an internet connection. The wifi function works with your smart phone, allowing you to raise or lower your homes temperature or humidity as well as adjust an AprilAire air cleaner or use the touch screen function. As with all AprilAire product this is a well made product and works with all AprilAire Dehumidifiers,...

            Dehumidifier Risers Dehu, risers, dehumidifier
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              Dehumidifier risers. One set of 4. Comes in both 5inch as well as 3inch.