Crawl Space Sump Basin

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Crawl Space Sump Basin

This sump pit is designed to be used as a collection point for Radon gas as well as house the Liberty 237 sump pump. It has a 3" vent hole in the lid for venting Radon gas and odors outdoors and a 1 1/2" water discharge.

The basin is 17" deep by 18" wide and has pre-drilled weep holes in the sides for optimum water management. This sump pit must be set in the ground with 2-3" of pea stone surrounding it for water filtration. This item includes basin, lid and seals.

This sump pit is capable of holding 15 gallons of water allowing the Liberty 237 to pump a full cycle of water without causing premature wear or short cycling. This basin also incorporates the “Anti-Float” plate design mounted on the bottom of the basin to prevent hydrostatic water pressure from pushing the basin out of the ground in high water table areas.

Don’t rely on the the “short” basin design offered by others to deliver reliable performance. The short basin design can cause short cycling of the sump pump which will result in shortening the life of the motor.15 Gal Radon Sump Pump Basin W/Anti-Float Plate. Includes Lid and Seals


  • Anti float plate to keep the basin in the ground
  • Must be installed with Pea stone or similar, 4"-6" thick around the basin
  • Predrilled weep holes in the sides to control hydrostatic pressure
  • Lid has 3? hole for soil gas mitigation
  • Comes with all seals and lid bolts

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