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The new basin has been carefully redesigned with YOU in mind. The newest model allows for easy portability, improved installation time, and exceptional water flow. 

 Sump pump sold seperatly or in a Complete Sump Pump Kit.

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The basin’s new, contemporary, lightweight design will now allow you to take it in to the crawl space already assembled or in two separate pieces. The anti flow plate has now been made a part of the basin itself, and is no longer a separate piece that you have to put together. The bottom ribbed surface makes assembly fast and easy. It goes together with just a “snap”. The new basin now uses slots instead of predrilled holes for better water flow and water pressure. Whether you're a contractor or DIYer, this basin is the product you've been looking for. 

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  • A generously sized basin to increase the life of the pump it works with
  • A "snap" locking system
  • A lid that allows for soil gas mitigation
  • A solid "anti-float" plate
  • 4" slots for adequate water flow

Unlike other sump basins on the market, the InstaDry™ Sump Basin is generously sized and measures 14" deep x 16" wide and will hold 14 gallons. The larger and deeper basins require digging deep into the soil and often digging in to the water table itself, which will allow the sump pump to run continuously shortening its life. The depth of the InstaDry Sump Basin does not require an extremely deep hole, keeping the basin and pump above the water table. The smaller mini basins and their limited water holding capacity often create a condition called "short cycling". Short cycling is when the pump turns on then off within seconds. This condition is due to the pump evacuating smaller amounts of water that it was designed for.

The environment inside a crawl space presents a unique challenge for water control equipment. Unlike a basement, the crawl space sump basin does not have a layer of concrete to hold it in the ground under high water pressure conditions. Therefore many standard basement sump basins, used in a crawl space, are pushed out of the ground on the first occurrence of high water pressure. Once the basin is pushed out, it is rendered useless and will need to be moved to a new location.

The InstaDry™ sump basin is equipped for this unique challenge with an “anti-float” plate that makes it nearly impossible to be pushed out of the ground under any condition. Unlike many other anti float plates, this one is made as part of the basin itself.

In addition to the anti float plate, the basin uses 4" slots for adequate water flow instead of predrilled holes. This allows for water control as well as water pressure control. The basin will now allow the removal of water from the soil at a deeper depth than a solid basement basin. Small holes are easily plugged by small pebbles or debris moving through the ground. Replacing the holes with slots will eliminate the chances of the basin getting clogged and wearing out your sump pump.

Because of these slots in the sides of the basin, it needs to be installed with at least a 10mm size stone, on top of the anti-float plate. The stone does two things, it's weight sits on the anti-float plate holding the basin in the ground and filters water entering the basin. The filtered water will extend the life of any sump pump that is installed.

The lid of the InstaDry™ sump basin also allows for soil gas mitigation. There are many soil gasses that can be present in the crawl space such as Radon, Methane, and Acetone. Most soil gasses are relatively harmless, but there are a few that have been known to cause cancer, like Radon, and even death. It is recommended to test for soil gasses like Radon in EVERY HOME. If testing reveals there is no soil gas threat, then a mitigation cap can be used to seal the opening.

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Received sump basin, Very well built and fits my needs at this time,I did give it all star rating as i believe it will hold up for a long time



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The basin is great and even better that you have a split basin option.