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This crawl space sump pump basin is 15 gallons (17"deep x 18" wide) and is rated as a Radon Gas collection point. This design offers an anti-float plate on the bottom to keep it in the earth. Sump pump sold seperatly or in a Complete Sump Pump Kit.

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    Crawl Space Sump Pump Basin

    The environment inside a crawl space presents a unique challenge for water control equipment. Unlike a basement, the crawl space sump basin does not have a layer of concrete to hold it in the ground under high water pressure conditions. Therefore many standard basement sump basins, used in a crawl space, are pushed out of the ground on the first occurrence of high water pressure. Once the basin is pushed out, it is rendered useless and will need to be moved to a new location.

    The InstaDry™ Sump Basin is designed for this unique challenge. The bottom of the basin is equipped with an "Anti-Float" plate that makes it nearly impossible to be pushed out of the ground under any condition. In addition to the Anit-Float plate the basin uses holes in the side to alleviate water pressure around the basin. This allows for water control as well as water pressure control. This basin design will allow the removal of water from the soil at a deeper depth than a solid basement basin. Because of these holes in the sides of the basin it needs to be installed with a small stone, like gravel, around the basin. The stone does two things, first it's weight sits on the anti-float plate holding the basin in the ground and second it filters the water entering the basin. The filtered water will extend the life of any sump pump that is installed.

    The lid of the InstaDry™ sump basin allows for soil gas mitigation. There are many soil gasses that can be present in the crawl space such as Radon, Methane and Acetone to name a few. Soil gas can be as harmless as an odor or as deadly as causing cancer. We recommend testing for soil gasses like Radon in EVERY HOME. If testing reveals there is no soil gas threat then a PVC stub can be used to fill the soil gas mitigation hole.

    The basin is 15 gallons (17"deep x 18" wide).

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    The basin is great and even better that you have a split basin option.