Foundation Seal Tape™

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Foundation Seal Tape™

Foundation Seal Tape (FST) is used to seal the crawl space vapor barrier to the foundation wall. When installed to a dry, clean (the concrete must be brushed off to remove loose debris) foundation wall the bond is good enough to hold the SilverBack™ to the wall temporarily (several hours/days) until the Foundation Pins are installed. If the foundation wall is wet in the area it will be installed and it will not bond then a polyurethane caulk must be used. This tape is 1.5" x 108' and has a reinforcement inside the tape to eliminate stretching like bubble gum. This is important because without the reinforcement this tape is impossible to apply in a crawl space. Most all other tapes on the market, similar to this one, do not have the reinforcement.

Crawl Space Tape

The FST™ is in stock and ships immediately.

**We always recommend getting a few tubes of Poly Caulk to make sure you have enough material to get a good seal to the foundation and to handle any damp areas on the foundation walls.

Remember when you figure your FST to include going under beam pockets, ductwork that is touching the foundation walls and the access door.

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