Felt550® Protection for Crawl Space Plastic

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Underlayment

Felt550® is available in two sizes; 5' x 50' & 5' x 100'


Felt550® was designed to protect the crawl space vapor barrier and other crawl space liners from punctures due to sharp rocks, concrete and metal in the crawl space. We highly recommend removing these items before encapsulating your crawl space, but that may not always be possible. Here’s an example- Let’s say someone in the past tried to fix a standing water problem in the crawl space. And, instead of doing it right they went to the local gravel pit and bought 10 yards of stone to put in the crawl space. The cheapest stone that day was crushed rock, which has very sharp edges. So with good intentions and terrible problem solving skills the crushed rock found its way into the crawl space (for the record that will not fix a standing water problem). So now the owner of the crawl space learns about SilverBack™ and wants to fix it for good. Instead of hauling all of the stone out of the crawl space you can install the Felt 550™ onto the crushed rock and then install the SilverBack™ to control the moisture.

So what else does the Felt550® do besides protect your investment in the SilverBack® vapor barrier?

Crawl spaces are harsh environments and with that comes considerations in air quality. One of the most serious is Radon Gas, because it is a killer. The Felt550® plays an important roll in Radon Gas Mitigation. The Felt550® creates an air gap between the crawl space vapor barrier and the soil, enhancing the results of the active Radon fan(s). Allowing the fans(s) to keep a negative pressure on all parts of the crawl space floor and eliminating any “pockets” that seep the gas into the space.

Mitigating other soil gasses that cause odor. As we continue to do research on the best ways to fix the problems with air quality, energy loss and moisture levels we discover new problems and their solution. One of those new problems is soil gas odor(other than Radon Gas). Like with Radon Gas the Felt550® enhances the results of the fan to mitigate the odor.

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