Use this crawl space block brush to prepare the foundation wall by sweeping off any loose dust, dirt or fiberglass particles prior to installing the Foundation Seal Tape™

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    The block brush is used to clean dirt, dust and insulation fibers from the foundation wall. Use the block brush to prepare for the installation of the Foundation Seal Tape™. This brush can also be used to sweep the crawl space before applying the Waterproof Seam Tape™ as well as after the vapor barrier is installed.

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    OK, it's a brush and there is not a lot that could go wrong with it, I suppose. However, one thing I really liked about it is that the bristles + handle length is very close to 12 inches. The plastic pins are to be installed "about every 2 feet", so without having to carry a tape measure along with the drill, pins, etc while crawling around in the tight places, I was able to use the brush as a pretty good rough measure to space the pins. One less thing to carry / drag was helpful in parts of my crawlspace.

    Raleigh, NC

    Engineer - contractor

    The brush I got didn't have a painted handle, but it worked well. This item is a necessity, if you are using the double-sided butyl tape. The brush has served me will with multiple jobs; the bristles are the right size/stiffness to get the loose cement/dust off concrete block. Tip: i zip-tied a carabiner through the hole in the handle for easy access. It's worth the money, though it feel like it could be a couple of bucks cheaper.