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Instant grab rigid foam board adhesive for crawl space wall insulation. When you follow the directions this product will hold the insulation to the wall without additional fasteners. 10.1 oz tube

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    Item #: IGA-LOC
    Availability: In Stock
    Ships Next Day or Sooner™

    When installing rigid foam insulation on the foundation walls, this adhesive gives an "Instant Grab". No need for mechanical fasteners or other techniques to get the insulation to stick to the wall while the glue dries. Read all instructions with this product before use. This is a 10.1 oz tube.

    NOTE** This product is INDUSTRIAL strength, giving the best bond in the harsh crawl space environment. This means 30% more GRAB power over others claiming the same thing. Look at the tube, if it does not say "INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH" it's not the same thing.

    1. Needs no mechanical fastener- Follow directions
    2. Bonds Instantly- Follow directions
    3. Standard tube size
    4. Low odor
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    good stuff

    worked better then i thought it would