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Heavy duty 12 or 14 gauge extension cord with 3 lit outlets to gain easy access to power while in the crawl space. Product Video Below

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Item #: SPG-CRD
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This product has 3 cord outlets along its 25' length to power lights, hammer drill, vacuum or whatever you need to plug in. One great advantage is when you need to use a new power tool you don't need to go back to the access and unplug a light to get power. It also keeps the amount of extension cord in the crawl space to a minimum, which means a safer place to work. This cord is available in either 12 or 14 gauge so there will be no threat of any of the power cords attached to it over heating. Each outlet is lit up, making it easy to find in the dark.

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Dr Energy Saver of the the Outer Banks


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Our production crews love these cords. It saves them from pulling three or four cords under the house when working on a sealed crawl space. That saves time and saves the company money and adds to safety since there are less cords in the work area.