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20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • 20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • 20 Mil & 12 Mil SilverBack HS (High Strength) Vapor Barrier - 20MSB-HS46
  • Foundation Pins™
  • Foundation Pins™
  • Foundation Seal Tape™
  • Foundation Seal Tape™
  • Waterproof Crawl Space Tape
  • White Crawl Space Tape
  • White Crawl Space Liner Tape

The 12 & 20 Mil SilverBack HS has 100% of the surface protected by reinforcement made from strengthened polyethylene. The puncture and tear strength greatly outmatch even our current 12 & 20 Mil SilverBack SR (String Reinforced) vapor barrier product line. This vapor barrier is completely SEAMLESS. There are no welds or panels. The SilverBack HS™ is a smooth one piece product.

This product is subject to a UPS large package handling fee of $9.28 for the first roll of each vapor barrier kind/size.

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    FP-100 Crawl Space Foundation Pins™
    Plastic fasteners to hold the vapor barrier permanently to the foundation wall
    In Stock $19.99 $18.99
    FST-100 Foundation Seal Tape™
    Super tacky moisture gasket for sealing the vapor barrier to the foundation wall. Does not stick to damp foundations and requires FP-100 to work properly.
    In Stock $24.99
    WST-180 Waterproof Seam Tape™
    Made with our proprietary adhesive, this seam tape is waterproof and matches our barriers exactly
    In Stock $30.99

    NEW Product Technology

    The SilverBack HS's technology comes from 60 years of outdoor environmental strength testing and is a premium engineered vapor barrier. With 100% of the surface protected by reinforcement made from strengthened polyethylene ribbons. The puncture and tear strength greatly outmatch even our SilverBack string reinforced vapor barrier product line. The minimum thickness across the even surface is 20 Mil, but installs like a 12 mil, making it much easier to lay in a crawl space environment. As with the 20 Mil HS, the 12 Mil measures actual 12 Mil across the surface and looks great as wall or floor liner.

    This crawl space vapor barrier is made from 100% virgin polyethylene and reinforced with virgin polyethylene ribbons. The ribbons are stretched to strengthen them before they are woven in a cross hatch pattern.

    This product technology is entering the market at a time when rising polyethylene resin and manufacturing costs are making string reinforcement options too expensive for many homeowners and professionals alike. The New SilverBack HS resets the clock on the manufacturing costs of engineered vapor barriers while dramatically improving the performance and features required for a crawl space vapor barrier.

    Look at the strength test comparison of the NEW 20 Mil SilverBack HS and the 20 Mil SilverBack SR under the "Specification" tab.

    SOURCE 20 mil SilverBack SR (String Reinforced) 20 Mil SilverBack HS (High Strength)
    DATE October 31, 2017 November 1, 2017
    Ref ID 17-168 17-171
    Pick Count (per inch) 16 x 16
    Weight oz/yd2 15.52 11.03
    Weight gsm 526 374
    Breaking Strength warp lb/in 34.4 177.0
    Breaking Strength fill lb/in 52.1 309.0
    Breaking Strength warp lbf (D7003)* 73.0
    Breaking Strength fill lbf (D7003)* 70.6
    Grab Strength warp lb (D7004)* 140.1
    Grab Strength fill lb (D7004)* 129.5
    Grab Strength warp lb 131.3 287.0
    Grab Strength fill lb 168.2 437.0
    Trapezoidal warp lb 90.4 84.0
    Trapezoidal fill lb 95.5 141.0
    Tongue Tear warp lb 40.4 70.0
    Tongue Tear fill lb 30.9 95.0
    Mullen psi 162 600
    Thickness mil 23.4 26.2
    Hydrostatic Resistance psi 164 597
    Puncture Resistance lbf 62.3 151
    Adhesive Peel Strength lbf 3.27 1.53
    COMMENTS: Silver/White string- Silver/White
    * Testing conducted on the bias
    There was no difference in hydrostatic resistance between the silver coating and white coating
    Samples for breaking strenghth and tongue tear testing did not break even when they were streched to maximum frame height in Instron
    Results equal to or greater than the comparative value
    Results 5% lower than the comparative value
    Results 10% lower than the comparative value
    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Excellent quality vapor barrier that will likely last longer than my wife and I-this is both wonderful and a little sad!

    Very pleased with this vapor barrier-much higher quality than the one originally installed when our home was built.

    Crawl space

    This was a long drawn out process do to work obligations and most of the work was done solo.

    All of the products ordered shipped very quickly.

    All products were top quality .

    The final product came out as good as the pros.

    12 Mil Silverback HS---Outstanding Product

    I used this to seal my crawlspace walls. It's extremely durable and easy to work with. Humidity was noticeably reduced in the crawlspace immediately as I got the wall sealed. Using the seal tape and seam tape as well as the pins to secure and seal the vapor barrier worked well.


    20mil silver back is an excellent product!

    I bought the 12mil silverback to cover my taller basement walls and the 20mil silver back to cover the crawl space area. Both products were great and I'd definitely recommend paying the little bit extra for the 20mil if it'll be going over anything uneven or if, like me, you put storage bins in the area you're covering. While the 12mil is nice and durable and good for walls, the 20mil is much more sturdy and a better fit for tear resistance.

    Great products, though! The vapor barriers came rolled up and the other parts (I used the pins + seem tape) were in a box. Everything was included and the install was super easy.

    good so far

    • Strong
    • Easy to use
    • Effective
    More then strong enough for a crawlspace and easy to use and install. Flattens easy which is important when you are trying to seal tape it. Look Nice when you are all done.

    ‘Time will tell’

    Delivery was next day as stated, packaged to protect product during shipping. I purchased the 12&20 mil silverback liner and also the 20 mil guardian liner. All seem to be of high quality. Only time will show how great the quality is but I have no doubts it will last.

    I had several quotes to have my 3400 sqft crawl space encapsulated in the $10000-$11000 range. I purchased 20 mil for the floors, 12 mil for the walls and installed the Santa Fe dehumidifier and spent just over $3400.

    The company’s that install these products are ripping people off that don’t know any better. It’s mindless work. Save yourself a ton of money and do it yourself.

    Buffalo, NY

    Much better than anything at the usual stores

    • durable
    • quality
    I spent hours laying out this stuff. While doing this I proceeded to roll and crawl all over it to anchor it to the walls, tape seams and cut around posts. There wasn't a single tear in the material after all of this. I feel fairly reassured that this will hold up pretty well.

    Despite the material's resistance to my movements, it was still relatively easy to cut with a pair of regular scissors (no fraying at the ends either) and the drill bit went right through when it came time to put the anchoring pins in. As long as you aren't making a habit of throwing your sharp tools carelessly around on it then everything should be fine.

    The material is still easy enough to fold and bend around corners. There was a little more bend resistance than the usual 6-mil material but it didn't cause me any trouble.

    I do like that this was available in a smaller size. I was only dealing with a 12'x16' addition crawl space and didn't need anything more than the 4'x80' roll. It gave me plenty to work with in case of mistakes without leaving too much excess left over.